1920: Bombyx

Jehan Frison - Le Bombyx (1920)

Jehan Frison: Le Bombyx (1920)

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1920: Copper Mill

Hans Müller - Duisburg Copper Mill (ca. 1920)

Hans Müller: Duisburg Copper Mill (ca. 1920)

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1920: Mother and Father Had Turned Into Cabbages

James Elliott - The Oprhan's Dream (1855-1870)

A selection from Charles William Kimmins’s book Children’s Dreams (1920):

A lady was sitting on my bed, and the King and Queen were under the bed eating bread and butter, and a lot of ladies with them.

The sun and moon were on the floor in my room, so that I could not walk about, and so I went to heaven where all the lights were up, and there were many colours.

I dreamt a dustman put me in a box and took me in a cart, and brought me back to the wrong bed, but when I woke up, I was in the right bed.

I was in a loaf of bread, and a German cut it into little bits, and saw me; I flew away — I had wings on me.

I dreamt that I was going to be washed. And then I was being put in the bath to be washed. After I was washed, I was wrung out in the mangle. Then I was hung on the line. I was hanging on the line when it started to rain. My mother took me in and ironed me. The iron was hot. And then I woke up.

The dream I dreamt last night was impossible. I was going in the grocer’s when I noticed that the owner of the shop instead of sprinkling sawdust on the floor he sprinkled sugar, and of course I trod on it. Then he sent for the policeman, and told him that I had trodden on his precious sugar, and then I was taken to the police station. The next day I was to have my trial. When I was in the court, I was very frightened. Much to my sorrow, my sentence was that I should be hung in three days. On the fourth day, I was very sad because this was my last hour. Presently, I heard soldiers unlocking the door of my cell. Then sadly I walked to the scaffold. But directly my feet touched the scaffold I awoke.

Last night I had a most peculiar dream, part of which I cannot recall. At first I saw my brother in naval uniform on a ship. I then saw my mother crying, and then I seemed to be gazing into nothingness. Previous to this period I was standing beside my teacher having my sums marked. Again I saw my brother, then slowly he faded away, and all seemed in a confusion. Gradually my mother came into sight, and then a military funeral. The coffin which I dreamt bore my brother, was covered with a Union Jack and crowned with flowers. This was not all; beside me in full uniform stood my brother, who was viewing his own funeral. Then came the conclusion, I saw my mother weeping, then everything faded away, and, when I awoke, I discovered my pillow was wet with tears.

One night I went to bed very late, and I had a nice dream. I dreamt I was flying along the sky with some birds and we flew on a mountain top. On the top of the mountain was a big nest as big as a haystack, there were other younger birds in the nest, and they were pleased to see me. The next morning, I had a good breakfast of boiled eggs and mutton, after breakfast, all the little birds flew on another mountain top which afterwards they told me was their school. Then they came back with two fat calves and a basket of eggs which they robbed. The mother bird cooked some eggs for me and fried some meat, which I enjoyed. After dinner we slept. I was soon awake at tea time, but instead of tea I had milk, but the birds had water. Then the mother bird took me to a little room where there was a cosy bed. I was soon asleep, but I was awakened by my mother, who said it was time to get up.

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1910: Victory Over Struggle

Charles Allen Winter - Allegory of Victory over Struggle

Charles Allen Winter: Allegory of Victory over Struggle; I made up the date.

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1900: Landscape

Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo - Landscape (1900)

Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo: Landscape (1900)

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1807: No Less Sacred to Them than the Tie of Marriage

Silhouette of Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake (c. 1805-1815)

I passed a few days in the valley of one of those streams of northern Vermont, which find their way into Champlain. If I were permitted to draw aside the veil of private life, I would briefly give you the singular, and to me most interesting history of two maiden ladies who dwell in this valley. I would tell you how, in their youthful days, they took each other as companions for life, and how this union, no less sacred to them than the tie of marriage, has subsisted, in uninterrupted harmony, for forty years, during which they have shared each other’s occupations and pleasures and works of charity while in health, and watched over each other tenderly in sickness; for sickness has made long and frequent visits to their dwelling. I could tell you how they slept on the same pillow and had a common purse, and adopted each other’s relations, and how one of them, more enterprising and spirited in her temper than the other, might be said to represent the male head of the family, and took upon herself their transactions with the world without, until at length her health failed, and she was tended by her gentle companion, as a fond wife attends her invalid husband. I would tell you of their dwelling, encircled with roses, which now in the days of their broken health, bloom wild without their tendance, and I would speak of the friendly attentions which their neighbors, people of kind hearts and simple manners, seem to take pleasure in bestowing upon them, but I have already said more than I fear they will forgive me for, if this should ever meet their eyes, and I must leave the subject.

William Cullen Bryant: Letters of a Traveller; or, Notes of things seen in Europe and America (1850) (source)

Charity Bryant and Sylvia Drake met in 1807 and fell quickly in love. For the rest of their lives they lived together, ran a tailoring business, and were accepted by relatives and their community as a married couple. They are buried together under a shared headstone in Weybridge Hill Cemetery, Addison County, Vermont.

The silhouette card of the couple (c. 1805-1815) is possibly the first depiction of a same sex couple. (source)

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1937: The Building of Tidewater

John Noble - The Building of Tidewater (c1937)

John Noble: The Building of Tidewater (c.1937)

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