2013: Tertutup dan Terbuka, Cium Wangi Kelihatan Mimpi, Cium Jejak Kelihatan Muka

Mahdi Abdullah - Tertutup dan Terbuka, Cium Wangi Kelihatan Mimpi, Cium Jejak Kelihatan Muka (Open and Shut The Fragrance of A Dream, The Smell of A Face Print) (2013)Mahdi Abdullah: Tertutup dan Terbuka, Cium Wangi Kelihatan Mimpi, Cium Jejak Kelihatan Muka (which this site translates as Open and Shut The Fragrance of A Dream, The Smell of A Face Print) (2013)

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1984: Try Again Jack

“Blind workers on strike; A guide dog leads employees of the Canadian National Institute for the Blind and supporters in a picket at the organization’s offices on Bayview Ave.; south of Lawrence Ave. yesterday. They are members of Local 204 of the Service Employees International Union.” Photo by David Cooper. (source)

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1905: Electric Ladyland

Chitra Ganesh - Illustration for The Sultana's Dream (2018)This story by Rokeya Sakhawat Hossain appeared in The Indian Ladies’ Magazine in 1905:

Sultana’s Dream

One evening I was lounging in an easy chair in my bedroom and thinking lazily of the condition of Indian womanhood. I am not sure whether I dozed off or not. But, as far as I remember, I was wide awake. I saw the moonlit sky sparkling with thousands of diamond-like stars, very distinctly.

All on a sudden a lady stood before me; how she came in, I do not know. I took her for my friend, Sister Sara.

“Good morning,” said Sister Sara. I smiled inwardly as I knew it was not morning, but starry night. However, I replied to her, saying, “How do you do?”

“I am all right, thank you. Will you please come out and have a look at our garden?”

I looked again at the moon through the open window, and thought there was no harm in going out at that time. The men-servants outside were fast asleep just then, and I could have a pleasant walk with Sister Sara.

I used to have my walks with Sister Sara, when we were at Darjeeling. Many a time did we walk hand in hand and talk light-heartedly in the botanical gardens there. I fancied, Sister Sara had probably come to take me to some such garden and I readily accepted her offer and went out with her.

When walking I found to my surprise that it was a fine morning. The town was fully awake and the streets alive with bustling crowds. I was feeling very shy, thinking I was walking in the street in broad daylight, but there was not a single man visible.

Some of the passers-by made jokes at me. Though I could not understand their language, yet I felt sure they were joking. I asked my friend, “What do they say?”

“The women say that you look very mannish.”

“Mannish?” said I, “What do they mean by that?”

“They mean that you are shy and timid like men.”

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2014: Wolf and Tank

Victor Ash - Wolf and Tank (c 2014)

Victor Ash: Wolf and Tank (c. 2014)

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1965: Film

Beckett---Keaton---Film-(1965)Buster Keaton in Samuel Beckett’s Film (1965). The film is silent, except for the single admonishment “shhhhhhh.” It was Beckett’s only screenplay; Keaton died the following year.

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2016: Cloud Study

Catherine Erb - Cloud Study 32 (Clouds over Water) (2016) mixed media photo encaustic, 36 x 80

Catherine Erb: Cloud Study 32 (Clouds over Water) (2016)

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2020: Ingathering

Joyce Brienza + Deborah Sukenic - Ingathering (2020)

Joyce Brienza + Deborah Sukenic: Ingathering (2020); from an exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Detroit.

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1904: Columbia

Model Ships, Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904) [detail]

A model of the USS Columbia at the Louisiana Purchase Exposition in 1904; cropped from a larger photo:

Model Ships, Louisiana Purchase Exposition (1904)

The ship to the right may be the Minneapolis. The Columbia was the fourth ship with that name in the US Navy; it was launched in 1892 and served during the Spanish–American War:

USS Columbia, Brooklyn Naval Yard (1904)

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1882: Jumbo

An anecdote from Matthew Scott’s biography of Jumbo the Elephant (1885):

Once when I was riding him around in the Zoological Gardens, in London, sitting on his neck, with about a dozen children on a panier-saddle across his broad back, we were proceeding down the path. It was on a delightful summer afternoon, and the grass plots, flowers, plants, and trees, which abound in those magnificent gardens, looked beautiful. I was engaged talking to the dozen “little folk” who occupied his back, and encouraging them to sit very quietly and not fall off, when all at once Master Jumbo came to a standstill for some cause or other. I shouted to him to go along, but for once he did not obey the order. As I turned round to see what was the matter, there was a lady running over the grass-plot on to the path, screaming and shouting, “Oh, my poor child! my child, my child! oh, he will be killed, he will be killed!” Well, I looked down from my elevation and saw Jumbo deliberately and coolly putting his trunk around the body of an infant that escaped its mother’s apron-strings and had run and fallen in front of Jumbo. Jumbo is a very careful walker, and always looks where he is going, and, like some others of God’s creatures, is rather slow in his movements, but both very sure-footed and thoughtful. He just stopped right there, gently picked up the child by the waist with his trunk, and laid it on the green grass beside its screaming mother, more tenderly than the mother afterward took up the frightened child in her excitement.

Jumbo was an African bush elephant who had been captured in the Sudan, exported to a zoo in Paris, and then, in 1865, moved to the London Zoo. Scott (at left in picture) was Jumbo’s attentive and beloved keeper. Despite widespread public protest, Jumbo was sold to the American circus tycoon P. T. Barnum in 1862; when the animal was transported to the United States, Scott went with him.

Jumbo was not named Jumbo because he was large. The word “jumbo”—meaning “large,” as in “jumbo jet”—originated by association with the animal.

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1958: Firebird III

General Motors - Firebird III (1958) front view

The General Motors Firebird III was built in 1958, debuted as a concept car at Motorama in 1959, and was featured at the 1962 Seattle World’s Fair.


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