1908: I Dreamed I Was my Husband

1910 Wedding

The following poem appeared in several publications in 1908:

A Singular Tragedy

I dreamed I was a lady, and I was wooed by Me.
(The writer of this story you understand’s a He.)
I dreamed (I say) I loved Me with an absorbing flame,
And by-and-by I promised to bear my honored name.

I dreamed that “we” were married, and thought that I was She.
A most ill-tempered hubby I soon discovered Me.
I couldn’t wake Me mornings. At paying bills I slouched.
Me left I in the evening or stayed at home and grouched.

I dreamed I was my husband (and this time Me was She),
And, oh! the dance Me led I (oh! most unnatural Me!)
Me lived on bridge and Suffrage and left I all alone
In smokeless, homeless mis’ry, to pay the bills—and groan.

No longer could I stand it, this dream of double dread.
“Divorce!” says Me to I, and “Sure Thing!” was all I said.
I went to court, I parted, though how is hard to get.
The dream was o’er. In bed I cried: “Thank God! I’m single yet!”

Credit is given to the Philadelphia Ledger.

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