1733: Vision / Eclipse


Cosmas Damian Asam -Vision of St. Benedict, 1735

Cosmas Damian Asam: Vision of St. Benedict (1735)

“The canvas shows an elderly saint who, confronted by a solar eclipse, seems to experience a seizure—as well as enlightenment—at the moment when light erupts from the celestial sphere, as described in Benedict’s vision. The artist accurately depicted the solar corona surrounding the moon, which is obscured by the sun as well as by the light that bursts forth from the edge of the dark lunar disk in the moment after totality. This phenomenon—when the first ray of light breaks through a valley on the edge of the moon’s silhouette—is known as the ‘diamond-ring effect.’ Comparing this later representation with his earlier attempt suggests that Asam witnessed the eclipse of May 13, 1733, and perhaps combined his own observations of it with descriptions from contemporary scientists.” (source)

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