1655: Remedies

Sea Serpents and Eels - Italian, 17th Century [detail]

Selections from Thomas Lupton’s book A Thousand Notable Things on Various Subjects: Disclosed from the Secrets of Nature and Art, Practicable, Profitable, and of Great Advantage: Set Down from Long and Curious Study and Experience (1655):

The Soles of the Feet anointed with the Fat of a Dormouse, doth procure Sleep.—As Actius doth say.

Take a Frog, and cut her through the middle of the back with a knife, and take out the liver, and fold it in a Colewart Leaf. and burn it in a new earthen pot well closed, and give the ashes thereof unto him or her that hath the Falling Sickness, to drink with Wine, and it will help them; and if the party be not healed at once, then do so by another Frog, and do so still; and without doubt it will help them if they use it.—This was told me for a sure experiment, and it is also affirmed by Petrus Hispanus.

Pare the Nails of one that hath the Quartan Ague, which being put into a linen cloth, and so tied about the neck of a Quick Eel, and the same Eel put into the water, thereby the Ague will be driven away.—Giber. et Albert.

If any do sprinkle his head with the powder of a skin that a Snake doth cast off, gotten or gathered when the Moon is in the full, being also in the first part of Aries, the Ram, he shall see terrible and fearful dreams. And if he shall have it under the sole of his foot, he shall be acceptable before Magistrates and Princes.—Cardanus.

The Brain of a Weazel dried, and drank with Vinegar, doth help them that have the Falling Sickness. —Mizaldus.

It is said, that Mice Dung, with the Ashes of Burned Wasps, and Hazel Nuts, and a little Vinegar of Roses put thereto, doth trimly deck a Bald Place with Hairs, if the same place be…rubbed or anointed therewith.—Mizaldus

The “falling sickness” is epilepsy. “Quartan Ague” is a mild form of malaria that produces a fever every three days.

The illustration comes from a 17th century Italian book (source).

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