1948: The Rivers of America

The Rivers of America

The Rivers of America consists of sixty-five volumes published over 37 years (1937-1974):

Published by Farrar & Rinehart (1937–1946):
1. The Kennebec: Cradle of the Americans, Robert P. Tristram Coffin, 1937; illustrated by Maitland de Gogorza
2. The Upper Mississippi, Walter Havighurst, 1938; illustrated by David Granahan and Lolita Granahan
3. The Suwannee: Strange Green Land, Cecile Hulse Matschat, 1938; illustrated by Alexander Key
4. The Powder: Let ‘er Buck, Maxwell Struthers Burt, 1938; illustrated by Ross Santee
5. The James, Blair Niles, 1939; illustrated by Edward Shenton
6. The Hudson, Carl Carmer, 1939; illustrated by Stow Wengenroth
7. The Sacramento: River of Gold, Julian Dana, 1939; illustrated by J. O’Hara Cosgrave, II
8. The Wabash, William E. Wilson, 1940; illustrated by John de Martelly
9. The Arkansas, Clyde Brion Davis, 1940; illustrated by Donald McKay
10. The Delaware, Harry Emerson Wildes, 1940; illustrated by Irwin D. Hoffman
11. The Illinois, James Gray, 1940
12. The Kaw: Heart of a Nation, Floyd Benjamin Streeter, 1941; illustrated by Isabel Bate and Harold Black

13. The Brandywine, Henry Seidel Canby, 1941; illustrated by Andrew Wyeth
14. The Charles, Arthur Benson Tourtellot, 1941; illustrated by Ernest J. Donnelly
15. The Kentucky, Thomas D. Clark, 1941; illustrated by John A. Spelman, III
16. The Sangamon, Edgar Lee Masters, 1942; illustrated by Lynd Ward
17. The Allegheny, Frederick Way, Jr., 1942; illustrated by Henry Pitz
18. The Wisconsin, August Derleth, 1942; illustrated by John Steuart Curry
19. The Lower Mississippi, Hodding Carter, 1942; illustrated by John McCrady
20. The St. Lawrence, Henry Beston, 1942; illustrated by A.Y. Jackson
21. The Chicago, Harry Hansen, 1942; illustrated by Harry Timmins
Songs of the Rivers of America, Carl Carmer, 1942 (not given a series number)
22. The Twin Rivers: Raritan & Passaic, Harry Emerson Wildes, 1943
23. The Humboldt, Dale L. Morgan, 1943; illustrated by Arnold Blanch
24. The St. Johns, Branch Cabell, 1943; illustrated by Doris Lee
25. Rivers of the Eastern Shore: Seventeen Maryland Rivers, Hulbert Footner, 1944; illustrated by Aaron Sopher
26. The Missouri, Stanley Vestal, 1945
27. The Salinas, Anne B. Fisher, 1945
28. The Shenandoah, Julia Davis, 1945; illustrated by Frederic Taubes

Published by Rinehart & Co. (1946–1960):
29. The Housatonic: Puritan River, Chard Powers Smith, 1946
30. The Colorado, Frank Waters, 1946
31. The Tennessee: the Old River, Donald Davidson, 1946
32. The Connecticut, Walter Hard, 1946
33. The Everglades: River of Grass, Marjory Stoneman Douglas, 1947
34. The Tennessee: The New River, Donald Davidson, 1948
35. The Chagres: River of Westward Passage, John Easter Minter, 1948
36. The Mohawk, Codman Hislop, 1948; illustrated by Letterio Calapai
37. The MacKenzie, Leslie Roberts, 1949
38. The Winooski: Heartway of Vermont, Ralph Nading Hill, 1949; illustrated by George Daly
39. The Ohio, R. E. Banta, 1949
40. The Potomac, Frederick Gutheim, 1949; illustrated by Mitchel Jamieson
41. The Saskatchewan, Marjorie Wilkins Campbell, 1950
42. The Fraser, Bruce Hutchison, 1950
43. The Savannah, Thomas L. Stokes, 1951; illustrated by Lamar Dodd
44. The Gila, Edwin Corle, 1951
45. Salt Rivers of the Massachusetts Shore, Henry Howe, 1951
46. The Monongahela, Richard Bissell, 1952
47. The Yazoo, Frank E. Smith, 1954
48. Great River: the Rio Grande, Paul Horgan, 1954
49. The Susquehanna, Carl Carmer, 1955
50. The French Broad, Wilma Dykeman, 1955; illustrated by Douglas Gorsline
51. The Columbia, Stewart H. Holbrook, 1956
52. River of the Carolinas: The Santee, Henry Savage, Jr., 1956; illustrated by Lamar Dodd
53. The Merrimack, Raymond P. Holden, 1958; illustrated by Aaron Kessler

Published by Holt, Rinehart & Winston (1960–1974):
54. The Minnesota, Evan Jones, 1962
55. The Genesee, Henry W. Clune, 1963
56. The Cape Fear, Malcolm H. Ross, 1965
57. The St. Croix, James Taylor Dunn, 1965; illustrated by Gerald Hazzard
58. The Cuyahoga, William Donohue Ellis, 1966; illustrated by Kinley T. Shogren
59. The Yukon, Richard Matthews, 1968; illustrated by Bryan Forsyth
60. The Allagash, Lew Dietz, 1968
61. The Niagara, Donald Braider, 1972; illustrations credited to Buffalo History Museum and the New York Power Authority
62. The Cumberland, James McCague, 1973; illustrated by Charles Walker
63. The Hillsborough: River of the Golden Ibis, Gloria Jahoda, 1973; illustrated by Ben F. Stahl, Jr.
64. The American: River of El Dorado, Margaret Sanborn, 1974; illustrated by Jerry Helmrich

Published by William Hodge & Company; London, UK:
The St. Lawrence, Henry Beston, 1951; illustrated by A. Y. Jackson

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