1832: The Destructive Sphinx

Sphinx Exitiosa - The Destructive Sphinx

Illustrations from The Book of Butterflies, Sphinxes and Moths; illustrated by one hundred and forty-four engravings, coloured after nature; in three volumes (Thomas Brown, 1832-4)

Phalaena Flavia - The Bright Moth  Phalaena Ditaria - The Maid of Honour Moth  Papilio Rhamni - The Brimstone Butterfly  Papilio Priamus - Amboyna - The Imperial Trojan  Phalaena Caja - The Great Tiger Moth  Papilio Ripheus - The Oriental Emperor  Sphinx Statices - The Forester Sphinx  Sphinx Haemorrhoidalis - The Bloody Tailed Sphinx  Sphinx Pinastre - The Pine Sphinx  Sphinx Fenestrata - The Windowed Sphinx  Sphinx Euphorbiae - The Spurge Sphinx  Sphinx Elpenor - The Elephant Sphinx  Sphinx Atroopus - The Death's Head Sphinx  Phalaena Villica - The Cream Spotted Tiger Moth  Phalaena Matronala - The Matronala Moth  Phalaena Jacobaeae - Pink Under-Wing Moth  Phalaena Grammica, Female - The Footman Moth  Papilio Paphia - The Silver Stripe Butterfly  Papilio Menelaus - The Silver-Blue Butterfly  Papilio Nicippe - The Nicippe Butterfly  Papilio Marsyas - The Marsyas Butterfly  Papilio Machaon - The Swallow-Tail Butterfly  Papilio Io - The Peacock Butterfly  Papilio Helena - The Black and Gold Butterfly  Papilio Galanthus - The Galanthus Butterfly  Papilio Deiphobus - The Deiphobus Butterfly  Papilio Cramerianus - The Cramerian Butterfly  Papilio Corydon - The Chalk-Hill Blue Butterfly  Papilio Charlotta - The Charlotte Butterfly  Papilio Cassiae - The Cassia Butterfly  Papilio Bolina -- Amboyna - The Bolina Butterfly  Papilio Atys - The Atys Butterfly  Papilio Amprhrysius - The Amphrysius Butterfly

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