1979: Westside Dreams

Daniel Salazar - Westside Dreams (1979)

Daniel Salazar: Westside Dreams (1979)

This photo shows the National Chicano Dance Theater posing in front of the Denver skyline in 1979, I think probably as part of a promotional shoot for Daniel Valdez’s play Zoot Suit, which debuted that year. The play is based on the Zoot Suit Riots and the Sleepy Lagoon trial of the early 1940’s. Valdez also directed a film version of the play. I’ve found one alternative version of the photo:

Daniel Salazar - Westside Dreams (1979) - 2

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2 Responses to 1979: Westside Dreams

  1. Dominic Vasquez says:

    No, it was a promotional shoot for the dance company. The national Chicano theater was a Denver based theater company founded by my uncle Enrique Montoya Jr. and was active until his death in 1993. My father and mother were both dancers and in this photo.


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