1250 BC: The Gurob Ship-Cart

Gurob Ship-Cart Model (Egypt, New Kingdom, c 1250-1150 BC)

This wooden model of a ship on a wheeled cart was found in Gurob, Egypt in 1920and dates from the thirteenth or twelfth century BC. Although carts like this were used simply to transport ships from one place to another, the shape and decorations of this particular model indicate that the ship it represents was designed to travel only on land as part of a religious ritual in Mycenaean Greece.

Shelley Wachsmann’s book about the ship-cart has a “digital supplement” with 3D reconstructions of the object here.

A modern Islamic festival in Luxor, the Moulid of Abu El Haggag, features boats on wheels, and likely descends from a pharaonic ritual of ancient Egypt:

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