1938: Signs of Hard Weather

Signs of Hard Weather (1938)

From a collection of folklore gathered by Irish teachers in the 1930’s:

Weather 27-12-1938

Signs of hard weather:

Robin flying into house.
Lapwings seen early in winter.
Wild geese seen flying inland (southwards).
Small birds gathering in large numbers about corn sheds.
Cat turning his back to the fire (frost)

Signs of Rain:

Moon on its back, or Ring round it.
Cap on Kaigeen mountains.
When S[?] is visible.
When train can be heard crossing Holdenstown Bridge (a bridge over the Slaney).
When you can hear church clock strike in Baltinglass.
When motors can be heard plainly moving along Baltinglass road.
Swallows or crows flying low.
Wind blowing from direction of Baltinglass.

Signs of Dry Weather:

White fog lying in a valley.
Hinges squeak on doors.
Gossamer threads on bushes or grass.
Wind at a certain point blowing from Kilranelagh or Kaigeen.
Stones on walls or flooring getting coated with moisture.
Hills near hand appearing far away.
Hens moving out into the open.
Crows flying high.

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