1963: A Colour Guide to Clouds


Scorer and Wexler - A Colour Guide to Clouds (1963)Each time you look at the sky, try to identify the clouds in it and test whether the explanations given in the book could be true for them. Gradually you will come to know the important clouds and the circumstances in which they occur….The pictures are a selection of about one in nine from our Colour Encyclopaedia of Clouds, and it is intended to serve as an introduction to a subject which can be of absorbing interest to physicists, mathematicians, naturalists, geographers, and artists, and also to those with only an amateur interest in the sky. There are some challenging suggestions at the end about how the subject may be developed….Above all the book should be used—taken out on all trips along with maps and binoculars, and carried to the office, workshop, or school because this part of the study of nature can be continued even in the centre of cities.

Richard Scorer and Harry Wexler: A Colour Guide to Clouds (1963)



From top to bottom: Pileus, Cumulonimbus, and Cirrostratus halo.

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