1906: The Union Butcher Shop

The Car Worker

The Union Butcher Shop.

A non-union man entered a butcher’s shop in which was conspicuously displayed the card of the meat cutter’s union. The following dialogue ensued:

Mr. Non-Union—I see by that card you run a union shop.

Butcher—Yes, sir; strictly union.

Mr. Non-Union—All union meat?

Butcher—Everything union.

Mr. Non-Union—I would like a calf’s head, but I wish a non-union head.

Butcher—Just wait a second. (taking a calf’s head from a counter, and going into a back room of the shop, but shortly returns). Here you are.

Mr. Non-Union—But it is the same one you had on the counter. What did you do to make it non-union?

Butcher—I took the brains out of it.

The Car Worker Vol. 4, #2 (May, 1906)

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