1982: Do You Remember?

Husker Du

Do you Remember?

We do it all for fun you know
Get loaded after the show, it’s all part of the scene
Don’t hate us, we’re just kids
People say we’re behind the times,
go ahead and see if I care
Do you remember?
When you were our age
Do you remember?

Hüsker Dü (listen here)

The memory board gamethe name means “do you remember?” in Danish and Norwegianwas first sold in the USA in the 1950’s and was popular for decades. The punk band with the same name (with heavy metal umlauts added) came up with the name during a rehearsal of the Talking Heads’ song “Psycho Killer.” They couldn’t remember the French phrase in the lyrics (“Qu’est-ce que c’est?”), so they improvised with any foreign words they could remember, including “Husker du?” The name stuck.

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