1845: The Returned Clerk



A person writing with authority said, “In 1845, I dreamt that on going to my office in the morning, I found seated at his usual desk a clerk, who had left me a twelve-month or more previously, and who had since been in Edinburgh, where I had little or no communication with him. I said, ‘Mr. D., how do you happen to be here; where in the world do you come from?’ I had the most distinct answer, that he had come into the country for a few days, and with my leave, would wish for a day to enjoy the reminiscence of his former happy feelings at that desk. I replied, ‘Certainly. I am glad to see you. Write that deed, and then take your dinner with me.’ Such was the dream, and though apparently of no importance, I happened to observe at the breakfast table that I had dreamt that my old clerk Mr. D., had returned to the office. After having walked out half an hour, I directed my steps to the office, and my surprise was not a little excited when I found Mr. D. seated exactly as he had been represented in the dream. It might be supposed that following out the dream I put the question which it had suggested, but I am sure it was on the spur of the moment, and without reference to the dream, that I put that question, and my astonishment was doubly aroused when his answer corresponded almost verbatim with what I have stated. I immediately returned and stated the circumstance to my friends, who would only be satisfied of the fact by my calling. Mr. D. into their presence.”

—James Redding Ware, Wonderful Dreams of Remarkable Men and Women (1884)

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