1666: Too Stars Fighting

Ben Bromley - Double Sunset (2015)

In the same moneth [September, 1666] was seen a strange prodigy near us, Grace Butler my near neighbour that saw it told me of it, togather with several of James Brookesbankes family, it was too stars fighting, they struck violently one at the other, and fetcht compasses and returned, striking, striving with great violence, a cloud covered them from sight, but when that vanished they saw them again, thus they continued almost an houre, the one they see every night in the same place, but the other they see not.

The Rev. Oliver Heywood, B.A., 1630-1702: His Autobiography, Diaries, Anecdote and Event Books; Illustrating the General and Family History of Yorkshire and Lancashire (1883)

Image: “In this acrylic painting, University of Utah astrophysicist Ben Bromley envisions the view of a double sunset from an uninhabited Earthlike planet orbiting a pair of binary stars.” (source)

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