2015: Mutually Noncoherent Pulses

Dolphin Experiment

In this study, we carried out a reliable measurement of the mutually noncoherent pulses and their subsequent analysis as the most probable acoustic signals of the hypothetic spoken language of dolphins.

As this language exhibits all the design features present in the human spoken language, this indicates a high level of intelligence and consciousness in dolphins, and their language can be ostensibly considered a highly developed spoken language, akin to the human language. This claim is supported by the fact that dolphins have possessed brains that are somewhat larger and more complex than human ones for more than 25 million years. Due to this, for further research in this direction, humans must take the first step to establish relationships with the first intelligent inhabitants of the planet Earth by creating devices capable of overcoming the barriers that stand in the way of using languages and in the way of communications between dolphins and people.

—Vyacheslav A.Ryabov, “The study of acoustic signals and the supposed spoken language of the dolphins,” St. Petersburg Polytechnical University Journal: Physics and Mathematics Volume 2, Issue 3 (October 2016) (source)

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