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8th Century BC: His Heart was Filled with Fury and He Showed Forth All his Strength

You’ll remember from your Greek mythology that the Titans were the sons and daughters of the primordial gods Gaia and Uranus. They were thus gods themselves, ruling (after one of them, Kronos, overthrew Uranus with Gaia’s help) during the peaceful … Continue reading

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1874: Night Rushed Down from Heaven

Henry Moore: Rough Weather in the Mediterranean (1874) ὣς εἰπὼν σύναγεν νεφέλας, ἐτάραξε δὲ πόντον χερσὶ τρίαιναν ἑλών: πάσας δ᾽ ὀρόθυνεν ἀέλλας παντοίων ἀνέμων, σὺν δὲ νεφέεσσι κάλυψε γαῖαν ὁμοῦ καὶ πόντον: ὀρώρει δ᾽ οὐρανόθεν νύξ. —Odyssey V, 291-294 So … Continue reading

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