1886: Methods

Raphaelle Peale - Cheese and Three Crackers (1813)

The following list of terms used to express diverse modes of divination, with explanations, will be found unusually complete and may interest students of occult science. The expressions have been gathered from various sources :

Aeromancy, by appearances in the air.
Alectoromancy, Alectryornancy, by a fowl picking up grains of wheat.
Aleuromancy, by meal.
Alphitomancy, by barley flour.
Amniomancy, by the amnion.
Anagrammatism, by anagrams of a person’s name.
Anthropomancy. by human entrails.
Anthroposcopy, by the features of men.
Arithmancy, by the use of numbers.
Astragalomancy, Astragiromancy, by little sticks, bones, tablets, or dice.
Astrology, by the heavenly bodies.
Austromancy, by winds.
Axiomancy, by the axe or hatchet.
Belomancy, by arrows.
Bibliomancy, by the Bible.
Bletonism, by subterranean springs.
Botanomancy, by herbs.
Capnomancy, by smoke from the altar.
Cartomancy, by playing cards.
Catoptromancy, by mirrors.

Ceromancy, by dropping melted wax into water.
Cephalomancy, by an ass’s head.
Chaomancy, by appearances in the air.
Chalcomancy, by vessels of brass.
Chartomancy, by writings on paper.
Chiromancy, by the hand.
Cleromancy, by dice.
Cledonism, by certain lucky or unlucky words.
Clidomancy, by keys.
Coscinomancy, by sieves.
Crithomancy, by dough of cakes.
Cromniomancy, by onions.
Crystallomancy, by a magic lens.
Dactylomancy, by suspended rings.
Daphnomancy, by the laurel.
Demonomancy, by evil spirits.
Extispiciurn, by entrails.
Eychnomancy. by lamps.
Gastromancy, by ventriloquism, or by a vial of water.
Gelosopy, by the manner of laughing.
Geomancy, by geometrical figures.
Gyromancy, by walking in a circle.
Haruspicy, by sacrificial appearances.
Halomancy, by common salt.
Hieromancy, by the entrails of animals.
Hydromancy, by water.
Hydatoscopy, by rain water.
Ichthyomancy, by the entrails of fishes
Idolomancy, by idols and images.
Jeduimancy, by a Jewish art.
Keraunoscopy, by thunder.
Lampadomancy, by lamps.
Lecanomancy, by a basin of water.
Libanomancy, by incense.
Lithomancy, by precious stones or pebbles.
Logarithmancy, by logarithms.
Macharomancy, by knives and by swords.
Margaritomancy, by pearls.
Meteoromancy, by meteors.
Metoposcopy, by man’s features.
Molybdomancy, by melted lead.
Myomancy, by mice.
Necromancy, by the black art.
Omphalomancy, by the navel of an infant.
Oinomancy, by wine of libations.
Onomancy, by letters forming the name of a person.
Onyomancy, Onychomancy, by the fingernails reflecting the sun’s rays.
Ooscopy, by eggs.
Ophiomancy, by serpents.
Ornithomancy, by birds.
Podomancy, by the feet.
Palmistry, by the hands.
Palpitatim, Salisatio, by puslations of some member.
Pegomancy, by springs of waters.
Pessomancy, by pebbles.
Physiognomy, by the features.
Psephomancy, by pebbles drawn from a heap.
Psychomancy, by ghosts.
Pyromancy, by sacrificial fire.
Pyroscopy, by examining fire.
Rhabdomancy, by wands.
Rhapsodomancy, by poetical passages.
Sciomancy, by shadows or manes.
Sideromancy, by straws on a red hot iron.
Sortilege. by drawing lots.
Spatilomancy, by skin, bones, etc.
Stereomancy, by the elements.
Sternomancy, by marks on the breast.
Stichomancy, by poetical passages.
Sycomancy, by figs.
Tephramancy,by writings in ashes.
Theomancy, by oracles.
Theriomancy, by wild beasts.
Tyromancy, by cheese.

Notes and Queries Vol III, No. 12 (December 1886); compiled by H. Carrington Bolton of Hartford, Conn.

Raphaelle Peale: Cheese and Three Crackers (1813)

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