1918: No Bigger than a Bumble-Bee

Moorland Stream

There are some curious old stories told in the Scotch Highlands about dreams. It was believed that when asleep the mind or soul of the sleeper leaves his body and goes far afield, and when he awakes he recalls his adventures as “a dream.

One warm day in summer two young men were sitting together near the hank of a small stream. Becoming sleepy from the heat, one of them took a nap, while his friend watched beside him. Suddenly he was surprised to see a tiny form, no bigger than a bumble-bee, issue from the mouth of the sleeping man, It quickly ran down the bank of the stream and crossed it by jumping upon the branch of a tree which had fallen across the stream it then climbed up the bank and disappeared.

The watcher was so startled by what he had seen that he shook his friend in order to awaken him. Before he had opened his eyes, however, the tiny little creature reappeared. recrossed the stream in great haste, and entered his mouth.

Thereupon the man yawned. stretched himself, and, opening his eyes, remarked : “Why did you wake me; I was having such a wonderful dream. I dreamed that I crossed a wide river and walked through a most beautiful country ; after awhile I came to a wonderful castle, but there was no one in it. I walked through room after room, until at last I came to one which was filled with gold, silver, and precious stones. I was just filling my pockets when you rudely awakened me.”

The Volta Review Vol. 20, No. 11 (November, 1918)

Image: William Lakin Turner: A Moorland Stream, Scotland (1901)

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