1650: Horse


Illustration from Il cavallo da maneggio [The Arena Horse] by Giovanni Battista di Galiberto (1650), showing the anatomy of the horse and sites of common ailments and wounds. The full title of the work is Il cavallo da maneggio. : Libro. Dove si tratta della nobilissima virtv del cavalcare, come il cauagliere deue star’ à cauallo, acciò sia chiamato perfetto cauagliere, amato, e stimato da tutti; come si deue domar’ il cauallo, gouernare, inserrare, imbrigliare, amaestrare; in che tempo si deuono pigliar li poledri per ammaestrarli di tempo in tempo, e di scola in scola : della razza dei stalloni, de pelami; de segni d’infirmità che puol accader’ al cauallo : diviso in tre parti, nella prima sitratta del conoscer li caualli, nella seconda il modo di caualcare; nella terza il modo di medicar’ ogni sorte d’infirmità, con tre [tavole] [The Arena Horse. : Book. Wherein is set forth the most noble virtues of horseback riding, how the rider must sit on the horse so that he may be called a perfect horseman, loved and admired by all; How do you tame, govern, rein in, harness, and train the horse; How long the poles should be used to train them, and in what manner: of the breed of the stallions and their coats; of the signs of illness that may attack the horse: divided into three parts, in the first part of knowing the horses, in the second the way of riding; in the third the way to treat all kinds of infirmities, with three {tables}]. (source)

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2 Responses to 1650: Horse

  1. DawnSeeker says:

    Beautiful! I’ve never seen reference to this illustration before. Notice all the lines to the legs and feet, as far as injuries can go! (I’m a farrier, so this interests me!) Dawn :))

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