2007: The Doll House

Heather Benning - The Dollhouse (2013)

In 2005 I acquired the use of a farmhouse, abandoned in the late 60’s. The house was located near Sinclair Manitoba on highway #2. For over 18 months ( – winter) I re-shingled the roof with recycled shingles and restored and furnished the house to the era the house was abandoned. I then removed the north-facing wall and replaced it with plexi-glass. The house was officially opened to the public June 9th, 2007. The house then stood tomb-like as a life-sized dollhouse for 6 years.

In October of 2012 the house began to show its age, the foundation was compromised. The house was only meant to stand as long as it remained safe. In March of 2013 The Dollhouse met its death with fire.

Heather Benning (source)

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