1903: Mission to Ento

Weiss CoverFrom the preface to Journeys to the Planet Mars; or, Our Mission to Ento (1903), originally published as Journeys to the Planet Mars, or, Our mission to Ento (Mars): Being a Record of Visits Made to Ento (Mars) by Sara Weiss, Psychic, Under the Guidance of a Spirit Band, For the Purpose of Conveying to the Entoans a Knowledge of the Continuity of Life, Transcribed Automatically by Sara Weiss, Under the Editorial Direction of (Spirit) Carl De L’Ester:

With occasional brief interruptions, our journeys to the Planet, astronomically known as Mars, but to its inhabitants as Ento, which in the Ento language signifies “chosen, or set apart,” extended from October 6, 1892, to September 16, 1894. During this period, through a rather rare phase of mediumship, which we term semi-automatism, the objective, or soul consciousness of our instrument was controlled to write certain observations and experiences….Our mission to Ento was undertaken for a specific purpose, the record of its various features being a secondary affair, but of sufficient importance to induce us to undertake the task, which to all concerned, has been purely a labor of love. Largely, it has been written for the purpose of affording our Earthians information which only through the mediation of discarnated spirits can be obtained. To scientific inquiry, in whatsoever direction, there is a limit beyond which the physically embodied man cannot penetrate, but to freed, most exalted spirits from whom we receive instruction, the depths of unthinkably boundless space are accessible. To spirits less exalted as we are, the planets of our solar system afford free fields of observation, and in some far distant time you and we, dear reader, through loving service for Humanity, may find ourselves so purified, through earnest investigation and lofty aspiration, so learned, so exalted, that together we may journey beyond suns and worlds of which your photographers catch imprints, as faint as smiles on the white faces of your dear dead. And may we hope that in reading of our mission to Ento, you may find some expression of thought, some lesson which may aid you in ascending the heights, ever leading toward exalted states of being, thus nearer to a realizing sense of the all pervading, infinite spirit of an infinite universe.

Here is the book’s glossary, with the elaborate diacritical marks of the Ento language omitted:

Andumana — Supreme One. Creator of all things.
Acclinum — Zoological collection.
Acrocusteno ingolavion — Amphibious flesh eater.
Angossa — Hornless animal. Hornless.
Astranola — Realm of Deific ones.
A-Muista — Manlike Anthropoid.
Andomah — Primary school.
Azeon — God of Love.
Alista — Mountain. Very lofty, etc.
Alzoytas — Sacred bird of Astranola, whose wings over-shadow the Death Realm.
Avon muya — Good bye, or may the Gods protect you.
Anadillo Pylo — Scaly armored amphibian.
Anadillo akedon — Scaly armored reptile.

Bomuz himmu — Manlike tree climber,
Birrsch — Trowser.
Birrscha — Trowsers.
Bomuz — Man.
Brillo — Froglike creature.
Bendolu — Rainbow.
Bendolu iffon — Rainbow hued.
Budas — Tremulous.
Budas lota — A gigantic tree, whose palmlike foliage trembles incessantly.

Cainarissa — Capitol of Province of Ondu.
Comina daa — Class rooms.
Callo — Wharf landing.
Cryfimo — Great Ocean.
Cryfimanu — Small Ocean. Sea.
Cehylu — Rushing. Tumultuous.
Chifa — An eel-like fish.
Chima Loisa — Mirror Lake.

Diafon evoiha — Sun, the dwelling place of Andumana.
Dao — Capitol of Ento.
Dia — Life. Life Essence, or Principle, animating the body.
Daa — Room.
Dylu — Tossed. Shaken.
Diafa avina — Many hued. Iridescent.

Efon — Personal pronoun, I.
Esploina — Globe. Sphere.
Eyamo Yanos — The Infinite, Intelligent energy.
Endoina — Bridge. Endoinaa. Bridges.
Ento — Chosen. Set apart.
Elipso — Year. E’ipsaa. Years.
Emano — Friend, masculine gender. S gives the plural.
Emana — Friend. Feminine gender. A gives the plural.
Etzoina — Placid, quiet, still.
Etzoina Loisa — Placid Lake, or water.
Enora — Strange. Remarkable, wonderful.
Etza — Sweet pulpy fruit, resembling an orange,
Entola, and Ementola — Moons of Ento.

Feneta — Catlike animal.
Fava a croidas — Burial place, or place for urned ashes of the dead.
Frilvodii — Species of Anthropoid, known as housekeepers.
Funaveh — Intersection.
Funaveh Bitza — Town of the Intersection.
Fondoruveh — City, named after its founder, Tamon Fondoruveh.

Gentolano — Prince. Son of Supreme Euler, or heir apparent.
Gentolana — Princess. Daughter of Supreme Euler.
Gentola — Lady. Friend. Gentle one, and other gracious meanings.
Gentolissima — Queen, or Supreme Lady. Applied to the wife of the Supreme Euler.
Gentolena — Darling, dear one. Also little one, when applied to children, or pets.
Gufon — Bitter.
Gandulana — Serpent. Gandulanos, serpents.
Gowhya — Hibernating animal, resembling a bear.
Gariffo Tsuvon — Bird of the cloud God, Tsuvon.
Gulnoyas — Egg shaped.

Himmu — Tree climber. A species of anthropoid.
Hinifro enora — Yellow wonder.
Hinor imados — Irrigating canal.
Hinor tzowa — Canal for transportation.
Hinifro — Yellow.
Horn aru — A palmlike tree.
Hundaffon — Andumana’s cup bearer.

Indoloisa — Tranquil water.
Istoira — Small temple.
Info sta tiva Zenosaa oovisHi — To the care of the Gods, until we meet.
Infadoihan luvetas — Place, or temple of sacrifice.
Info oovistu — Until we meet again, farewell.
Ilsoimen — Morning.
Ilofen muena — Amusement garden.
Istoira lemah — Temple of urned ashes, of the dead, for private uses.

Keneto Souvanallo — Gigantic flesh eaters.
Keneto alista — Mountain range, 200 miles long, 6,000 feet above sea level.
Keneto — Gigantic, enormous, very large.
Kultyrno Tylu — Elevated city.
Kynos — Vine.
Kyn nuynao — An anthropoid of a peculiar species.
Kyn — A tree resembling an oak tree.
Kymos — Majesty, or majestic.
Kemina — Central.

Loita — Harplike musical instrument.
Lenivo — Upper garment for men. A sort of tunic.
Luitzen — History. Record.
Louvah — God of Agriculture.
Lota — Tree of any species.
Lumenas — Botanical garden.
Loisa — Water, lake, pool, etc.
Loisa yanu — Water gem, or jewel.
Loisa micana — Vining water lily.
Loisa-Gentolissima — Water Queen.
Loisa Gentolana — Water Princess.
Litzen — Sweet.
Loisa a lutyenos — Lake of rushes.
Loisa infuen — Water drinker.
Loisavaon — Waterway.
Lafon Theodossa — A noted Ento painter.
Lohau vraimeon — Hail, dearly beloved.

Mbfientos hoa falados — Valley of desolation.
Micana — Lily, corresponding with Earth’s lily family.
Mista — Snow.
Metsu — Light weight, non-corrosive, non-conducting metal.

Onos — Personal pronoun, we.
Oirah — Thanks. Praise. The word is used in several similar senses, and is pronounced, Wahrah. It bears the same meaning as Amen, or be it so.
Oina mista — Snow flower.
Oonamosa tula — Burr berry.
Oifen tsu — Endless time.
Oonda lotas — Tree, and fruit, similar to our orange.
Omanos Funha — Present Supreme Euler of Ento.
Osy Hun — Supreme Euler.
Oonamosa — Burr.
Oonda — Divine. Godlike.
Ozynas Dulsa — Present Most High Priest of the Most Sacred Temple Zim.

Petusa — Pearl.
Pfettos — Shoe. Pfetta shoes.
Plimos — Plant.
Phra — God, or messenger of death.

Quana — Eclipse. When Andumana frowns.
Quend — A region in the North Temperate Zone.

Ryzo elipsaa — Century.
Rinvoh — Aquarium.
Rimoh — An animal resembling an antelope.
Rodel — The national flower of Ento. Resembles out lotus.
Ruvacca — Trumpet.
Rea — Life essence, or principle.
Ruha — Governor.
Rouva nu Odalissa — Homes for the favored ones.
Rouva — Favored.
Rau — Same meaning as oirah. (Pronounced Eahoo.)
Ruvacca plimos — Trumpet flower, or plant.
Ritza — Town.

Syffondu — Museum.
Sammanah — Collegiate school.
Soitzen — Tramway. A gives the plural, as soitzena.
Somu Ikaton — Blessing giver.
Soiva — Park. Soivaa, parks.
Selona Valloa — Wife of Omanos Funha, and mother of
Selona Valloa Funha.
Sauva — A non-corrosive metal.
Sylvian — Sister of Selona Valloa, wife of Omanos Funha.

Tsufalen — Teachers of divine mysteries.
Tula— Berry.
Tsuvon — Bird.
Thon eyama Yanos — Infinite, intelligent energy.
Tylu — City. Tylusaa, cities.
Testo— Death, the killer.

Ufan — Personal pronoun, you.

Varu testo— Death fire.
Varu — Fire.
Vybo — Gold. Also it signifies glittering, shining, brilliant, and sparkling.
Vossa — Leaf. Climber. Vossalaa, climbers. The use of the word determines its significance.
Vocha — An animal resembling a cow, but much larger.
Vouhoida — Resembles a pipe organ.

Wana vinostu yaru — Expiatory fire fountain.

Yanu — Gem, or jewel.
Yento — A place of punishment for disobedient gods and goddesses.
Yoidas hua — Bow shaped, or bent.
Yoihoda — Priest. S gives the plural.
Yoitan — Tempest. Storm. Tornado.
Yoitana — Severe storm.
Yoitano — Tornado. The suffixes a, or o, determining the degree of the disturbance.
Yoihodasa — Priestess. Yoihodassaa , priestesses.

Zenno — God.
Zenna — Goddess.
Zeon — A horselike animal.
Zindo— God of rain and snow.
Zetos — World, applied to Ento.
Zim — The most Sacred Temple of Ento.
Zenosaa — The deific ones.

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    Did you enjoy the Journeys to the Planet Mars; or, Our Mission to Ento? I’ve never heard of the author ot the work itself.

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